☥ luca muerte starlocke ☥

he/him, male, gay

hi, i'm luca or mue & i wish i were an enormous cloud of antarctic plankton. i draw, do pixel art, & write utter nonsense but hardly ever post any of it because i'm a private bastard. sorry.

my other specialties are being able to recite the entire script of every classic tomb raider game from memory, sleep deprivation, & dislocating my bones.


☥ mbti: intp
☥ enneagram: 5w6
☥ global 5: rcuai
☥ motiv: aohxde
chaotic good

☥ indigo aura
waning crescent
blue/black rainbow

my #1 passion is theoretical cosmology, i want to know the shape & essential nature of the universe.

i'm also obsessed with black holes, ufos, & the paranormal. my favorite places in the world are antarctica, mt. kailash, various salt flats, & the bottom of the mariana trench. my favorite animals are cats, & i relate with snow leopards a lot.

my worldview is heavily influenced by buddhism, hinduism, & kemeticism. my ideal endgame goal would be to party with Shiva & all his otherworldly friends. i dabble in tarot, astrology, & the occult.

♔ countdown til my bday ♔